Creating a ceremony of any kind is a process. I work closely with each individual or couple to be sure that the end product is a true reflection of what is meaningful to you. Our primary focus and concern is working closely with you to craft a ceremony that honors what is most important and meaningful to you and your families and performing it for you in the spirit of love and service. So, how do we do it? Although every officiant approaches her work in slightly different ways you can expect the following:

Initial Meeting

After initial communication by e-mail and/or phone, an in person is planned. When meeting in person is impractical or simply impossible due to geographic, time, of COVID restraints phone or Zoom can be used for this initial, extended conversation. This is a very important meeting and in order for me to do a good job it is crucial that the bride and groom be present.  Come to this meeting ready to share a bit about yourselves and to get to know each other. There’s really nothing you need to prepare, but it’s good to not be in a rush.

A Contract

Once we’ve decided that we want to work together we will prepare a contract for everyone to sign. This protects all parties and clarifies our agreements.


In most cases I request that you complete a Questionnaire. This allows me to learn more about you and to get more detailed information that assures your ceremony will be a reflection of what you feel is most important.

Ceremony Choices

You will be provided with an extensive menu of options to choose from for the basic elements of your ceremony, then I will weave the ceremony together with my own words. These choices give you the opportunity to be intimately involved in the creation of your ceremony, especially in the language that is used, and allows you to choose from items that you might not otherwise be aware of. Most marriage ceremonies include the following basic elements as well as others of the couple’s choosing.
Declaration of intent/consent
Ring vows
Ring blessings
Honoring family

Cultural and Religious Elements

Whatever your religious or cultural backgrounds, there are always ways to incorporate elements that honor these traditions. If you have a specific challenge in this regard I am happy to work with you to find the very best ways of bringing these traditions (modified or traditional) into your ceremony.


You are always welcome to suggest changes to your ceremony script. Never hesitate to talk with me about an element of your ceremony that you are not quite sure about and need some help with.

A Second Meeting

Meeting with me a second time is up to you. If you feel that this would help you feel more secure and assured on your day-of then please request it. Often the rehearsal suffices, but if a meeting would make you feel more confident then just ask!

E-mail and phone

I am available to communicate with you, as needed, to be sure that your ceremony is the best experience for you and your guests as possible. I make every effort to return phone calls and e-mails quickly.


For a big wedding a rehearsal is usually a good idea, especially when you have a large wedding party. Conducting that rehearsal is a service I can provide. Please talk with me about your rehearsal needs.

Conducting Your Ceremony

The day-of is an exciting time for everyone. In addition to conducting your ceremony I hope to support you to feel calm, focused and fully present so that you will truly enjoy the experience.

Marriage License

On your wedding day all three of us will sign and execute your marriage license. I will then send it by mail back to the Court from which you obtained it. When you need copies please contact that Court and they will provide you with copies for any purpose for which you might need them.